At Simply Woman Publishing (SWP), we pride ourselves in being an exclusive hybrid-publishing house, specifically designed to help empowered women share their stories and tell their truth.

SWP purpose is to find female authors who want to share their stories, advice, and inspiration to advance the confidence, empowerment, and ambitions of women from all around the world. From personal memoirs to how to succeed in life, SWP welcomes all prospective authors and will ensure they are provided with the highest quality of editorial services, sales, and marketing support and distribution to all book and ebook markets.


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We'd love to connect with you. Please send us your message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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We'd love to connect with you. Please send us your message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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Writing your book is one thing, knowing how to edit, design, and publish it, and then sell lots of copies is a whole different story. Don't make any of these common publishing mistakes!

Do you know the 10 biggest publishing mistakes?

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From dream to marketplace, 'we got you' covered!

What separates Simply Woman Publishing from other publishers is that rather than having ‘want to be’ authors working on your book, our team is comprised of true best-selling authors, editors, designers, distributors, booksellers, and publicists from renowned publishing houses, who have been through the process themselves and thrived.

Our team also includes phenomenal graphic designers, layout designers, copy-editors, publicists, distribution and social media experts, as well as website, marketing, and SEO specialists. We even have a top international makeup artist, Julia Dantas from the hit-show produced by Kim Kardashian West #GlamMasters, (Crystal's other daughter) who can give you the most stunning makeover and photo shoot for your book cover and marketing materials. We can do it all for you!


Our team is led by Crystal Andrus Morissette

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A six-time international best-selling author, Crystal is a media darling -- featured numerous times on (take her Emotional Age Quiz right now on​​​​​​​, the New York Post, Fox TV, the Daily Mail, CBS TV, CBS Radio, CBC Radio, CTV, CityTV, CanadaAM, Breakfast TV, Global TV, Slice TV, the Globe and Mail, Woman's World, Sirrus Satellite, Hay House Radio, the Toronto Star, and many more; three of her episodes on the international hit TV show "X-Weighted" won Geminis. 

Crystal is the founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer) -- an empowerment coach certification exclusively for women in over 45 countries that she created with fellow female visionaries Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Dr Christiane Northrup, Colette Baron-Reid, and Sandra Anne Taylor among others. The S.W.A.T. Institute is rated #1 on Google globally for "empowerment coaching". Crystal is also certified in nutrition, sports medicine, and yoga.

For Crystal's full Press Kit, including images, bio, and media questions, click here!​​​​​​​

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Listen to what some of our authors have to say

When your clients give you the most incredible feedback - Proof.

Wendy Gless

Abigail Nedar Nepal - ​​​​​​​
As an attorney and mother of two girls, living in South Africa, I knew that although I wanted to write my story and share my experiences, I was afraid of how my family or community might react. Simply Woman Publishing gave me the perfect platform to present my message with love, empowerment, and grace. The best part, my worries were false. Writing my story was the best gift I've given to myself, my children, my marriage and to women all over South Africa. Thank you, Crystal, Jackie, and Madelaine for believing in me.

Abigail Nepal Nadar

Naomi Herrera - ​​​​​
Working with Crystal and her team has been an absolute thrill; I felt both empowered and emboldened—I could accomplish anything!! Being in her world placed me within a tribe of professional women who gave me the support I needed to help me throughout the writing process, both professionally and emotionally. Initially, I was intimated and fearful. I thought that sharing my full truth would somehow devalue me; however, I found that I was not only expanding my skill set professionally, but experiencing powerful transformative healing.​​​​​​​

Dimple Arora -
When I chose to work with Crystal Andrus Morissette, ​​​​​​​I knew I was in good hands. When Crystal says that she has your back, she means it in every sense of the word. I have never met such a savvy business woman with so much grit. She knows how to play hard too. Crystal is the real deal and truly has a gift for empowering women. You will feel exhilarated, powerful and on a mission while working with Crystal, and all the experts at Simply Woman Publishing. Thank you to the entire team!

Naomi Herrera
Naomi Herrera

Wendy Gless 
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I was part of Simply Woman Publishing’s first book. I was so delighted with the process that when they announced an extension of their services, I immediately signed up. I’m now working with Crystal and her team to produce my full-length memoir. If you have a book you are ready to write, trust me when I say there is no one better to work with than Crystal, Jackie, Madelaine and the rest of the Simply Woman Publishing team. With them, I can do my part in full confidence knowing that I will get a quality book on time and within the budget that I chose. 


Simply Woman: Stories from 30 magnificent women who have risen against the odds

We Do It All


  • Book development, outline, and structure

  • Support first draft

  • Support revisions

  • Finalize manuscript

  • Copy editing

  • Final proof ready for design

  • ISBN

  • Cover design

  • Interior book layout

  • Back cover description editing

  • Bio development and editing

  • Available to Ingram

  • Sales via Amazon

  • Automatic printing & fulfillment

  • Printed in advance

  • Paperback edition

  • Hardcover edition

  • Kindle ebook

  • Expanded ebook platforms (GooglePlay, iBooks, etc.)

  • Distribution in major bookstores and airports

  • Book marketing consultation and strategy

  • Book backgrounder

  • Platform | Brand building:

  • Logo - high-resolution graphic specially designed for your brand in PNG format

  • Business card template

  • Letterhead – online and printable version available

  • Author website including design, messaging, SEO, email database development and buying links to all major booksellers

  • Promotional videos created and branded exclusively for you

  • Set up and advising on social media accounts

  • Book launch

  • Access to other bookselling ‘influencers’

  • Book signings in local bookstores

  • Secrets to becoming a bestseller instantly on Amazon

  • Using your book to become a brand

  • Media kit

  • Press release

  • Book trailer

  • Marketing outreach

  • Target media list

  • Publicist

  • Professional photoshoot with makeup and hair by Julia Dantas

  • Five (5) retouched photos of your choice

  • Writing for our magazine, Simply Woman, with backlinks to your site, also shared on our social media accounts that reach up to 14 million people weekly

  • Additional coaching available upon request


You're not alone. We got you. You got this.

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Never before in the history of the world have women been called to stand up, speak their truth, and tell their stories.

Why now? ​​​​​​​

Why you? ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The world needs to hear your story in your way. You need to share your story in your way. No one can share your lessons better than you.

Why us?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

Our publishing house and all our staff are commited to you and your success. When you succeed, we succeed with you. WIN = WIN

Ask yourself how long you've been thinking about writing a book? 

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Everything you need to tell your story and make it a bestseller!

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